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We're one of the leading cycling holiday providers in the UK.

Since 2005, Cycle Friendly has been delivering leading cycling holidays and has a guaranteed track record of providing seamless service from arrival to departure. Fully trained staff are on hand every moment, ensuring that your journey proceeds smoothly, and tours are guided by professionals who know and love each region.

Cycling with a Passion for Adventure.

For many years, Cycle Friendly has been building real relationships in every region we explore. Traveling with Cycle Friendly by bicycle, you'll find yourself passing through doors closed to the public. 

Having built lifelong contacts in every country we visit, our guests are treated like a friend. When you travel with us, you'll realise that the local point of view is what really makes a difference.

Cycle Friendly's trip leaders take you far beyond regular travel experiences.

Meet Your Guide.

I have developed my love of travel during over 40 years of leading treks and 4WD expeditions in Europe and Iceland throughout the 70s, 80s,d 90s and 00's. 

Over the last 20 years I have ·participated in many charity cycling tours and ·planned innovative routes and itineraries throughout Europe. Many agree that I am one of the  best Ride designers in the business!


I am an experienced and committed cyclist who has enjoyed and led charity challenges and holiday rides all over the globe. I know what cyclists want because I am an enthusiastic expedition and leisure cyclists myself.


Several years ago I embarked upon a quest to identify some of the most spectacular cycle rides on earth and offer them to fellow ambitious and adventurous riders who seek the ultimate ride experience but accessible to all reasonable fit cyclists –you don’t have to be superman!

What our Riders are Saying.

B&B was brilliant, thank you. Thank you for a great holiday. I've wanted to 'do' Iceland for many years.

Your package surpassed all my expectations. I could not have wanted any more from a week.

Maureen and Family

The location was stunning - you really had researched and fixed the most amazing location. You have such a talent.


Big thanks to all the support staff - their cheery nature escorted us across a challenging ride. And to my fellow cyclists, thank you for tolerating me again.

Warren and Family

I can not believe that I met so many like minded people, whether that is good thing or not I don't know! However I know I had loads of fun and laughter and have great memories.


This has been a fantastic trip. Not only has it been seamlessly organised but you have taken care of each of us superbly.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate and make a difference and to do it in such style and picturesque settings!

Adam Cohen

What a fantastic bunch of people - and I for one had the best time.· I'm just finding it hard to repeat the stories to those who weren't there and making it sound as funny.

Never thought I would be saying to my friends that I have cycled over 200 miles (or whatever the official mileage is, over 200 sounds great) and even more surprisingly -enjoyed it!


The most amazing , heart-thumping, eye- opening and jaw-dropping experience, surrounded by great company, inspirational guides and a legendary team!

Dan S

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