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Keeping Fit During Lockdown

For many years now I have been going to a local gym 3 times a week where I do a variety of resistance work-outs including what you may regard as Pilates positions for about one hour. This has kept me strong, fit and flexible. Some but not much is aerobic so occasionally I supplement with a cycle for an hour, half a day or on my ‘cycle trips’ will cycle for several days on end when not driving a car/van. On holidays, especially by the sea, I will introduce some jogging which I have always found a struggle and occasionally swimming too. This has been my regime for over 30 years and has served me well without too much time or cost. I have not needed a PT except on the odd occasion to advise on routine changes. To alleviate any boredom in the gym I do listen to music and clearly this is a common practice.

I am convinced that the mix of resistance work and aerobics of various kinds is the ideal keep fit lifestyle and this is borne out by many commentaries I have read in the Times over the years. Furthermore, just eating healthily which allows for the occasional cake, chocolate , wine or beer etc, I have not needed to diet – ever!

Of course, NOW everything has changed. Gyms are closed and cycle rides of more than one hour are advisably out.

So, what’s the answer?

I now use our newly refurbished conservatory to do around 25 minutes daily of exercises which mirror my gym regime. The space and equipment needed is minimal and has cost me just over £50. It raises the question as to whether gyms are really necessary. I can save membership and it’s actually much more time efficient.

So what equipment is needed? -just a sturdy chair, resistance bands and one or two sets of dumbbells.

The progamme is described in my guide here:

On 3 days each week I have been doing the Pilates type (floor) exercises which you can find here. These can take just 12 minutes.

Resistance work using resistance bands – 12 minutes

You can also find a series of resistance band exercises here.

Dumbbells – 2.5kg -5kg – 12 minutes

On each day I have also been using a simple ‘ab roller’ for core strength.

The above take an average of 20 minutes, ideally each morning.

I supplement with daily walks ( between 2 and 5 miles) at a reasonably fast pace ( ideally 3 to 3.5 mph) or a good hour’s local cycle ride of some 14 miles. Just 3 days a week would in fact be sufficient.

You should take one day off a week, although I have tended not to do this so far. I have been managing this regime for over 3 weeks since the LOCKDOWN. It certainly sets me up for the day!

That’s it – simple.

Work this regime for 2 weeks and you’ll notice the difference – you’ll ache for the first week as you exercise muscles you haven’t used for some time, and after 4 weeks you should still find the routine tough enough but more easily achievable.

If you would like to discuss, you can phone me on 07770 647319 or write to me at

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